New Business Questionnaire

Attention Business Owner

All businesses, under certain circumstances, are required by California State Law to annually report (via the Business Property Statement, Form 571) the acquisition cost of their business personal property (i.e. equipment, furniture, computers, etc.) and improvements (i.e. leasehold/tenant improvements, trade fixtures etc.) to the Assessor and are responsible for the potential taxes on that property. The State Constitution says ALL property is subject to property tax. Most people are familiar with the property taxes on their home. Similarly the assets of businesses are subject to assessment. Our goal is to inform and assist you with business property taxation matters in your efforts to operate a successful business in Santa Clara County.

To register a new business click the button below. The following information will be needed to complete the form, some items may not be applicable to your business: DBA name, City license number, Federal Employee ID, BOE Reseller Tax ID, business address, and estimated cost of equipment.