Organizational Overview of The County Assessor's Office

Shows the structure of the county assessor's office and the divisions



Assistant Assessor  

Deputy to the Assessor  


Real Property Division 

Responsible for locating, valuing and enrolling all taxable real property (land and improvements). The Division provides assessment-related information to the public, and cooperates with other agencies regarding assessment and property tax-related matters.

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Business Division (Business Personal Property)  

Responsible for locating, valuing and enrolling all taxable business personal property including property (owned and leased) such as computers, supplies, furniture, machinery and equipment as well as mobilhomes, airplanes and boats. The Division is required to audit a significant number of businesses once every 4 years. The Division also manages any assessment appeal involving personal property.


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Assessment Standards, Services, and Exemption Division  

Responsible for locating and identifying ownership and reappraisability on all taxable real property. In addition they monitor assessment appeal information for other divisions; process legal appeals; maintain and update assessment maps; manage the public service counter and oversee quality control; approve and enroll all legal property tax exemptions.

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Fee Schedule

Homeowner exemptions and other constitutional exemptions are compiled and applied to the secured supplemental, and unsecured assessment rolls. (Address Control: FAQ); (Mapping: FAQ); (Ownership: FAQ); (Exemption FAQ)

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Information Systems Division  

Responsible for supplying systems support to all other divisions in the pursuit of preparing and delivering the secured, unsecured, and supplemental assessment rolls.

Administration Division  

Responsible for providing fiscal support services to the Assessor's Office; including budget, personnel, payroll, purchasing, facilities management and internal/external communications.