Privacy Policy

Protecting confidential information is a legal responsibility of the Assessor, and a matter of good judgment.

Government agencies have been collecting personal information for many years. Property ownership records, birth certificates, marriage licenses, bankruptcy records, death certificates, court proceedings and many other documents are part of the public record. With the introduction of the Internet, government is faced with the issue of how to balance public information requirements with the privacy rights of an individual.

In California, every person, entity or organization that owns real property or taxable personal property is identified on the local assessment roll. The assessment roll is by law a public document.

The Assessor is required to provide access to assessment roll information. Information is available at the Assessor Department Public Service Center and the Assessor’s Website.

With concern and respect for the privacy of individuals, and in the best interest of the public as a whole, the Santa Clara County Assessor will not use this website to:

Provide the names of owners contained within the public assessment roll information Gather personal information from users without their consent Download software or information to a user's system without their consent

County Privacy Policy