Agricultural Preserve / Williamson Act Questionnaire

Agricultural Preserve / Williamson Act Questionnaire

The Assessor is required by law to appraise land restricted by land conservation contract on the basis of current economic rent.  In order to appraise by this method, it is necessary for the Assessor to request current data on income, rentals, expenses and production for the particular type of operation involved.  Your prompt cooperation in furnishing the information requested on this form is required.  The deadline for returning the questionnaire is April 10.  This official request is made pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code Section 441(d).

If the contract rent involves performance or consideration other than cash rent by either the owner or the renter, please provide the details.  If you are an owner operator, give us your best estimate of the rent per acre that you could receive.

Please note that information provided in Section One is not confidential and will be shared with other county offices, particularly the Planning Department and the Division of Agriculture.  Similarly, any failure to respond to this portion of the Questionnaire may also be shared with other county offices.  The information provided in Section Two of this form will be held in confidence by the Assessor (Section 451, Revenue and Taxation Code); It can be disclosed only to the District Attorney, grand jury, and other agencies specified in Section 408 of the Revenue and Taxation Code.

Any questions or comments which you may have should be directed to Matt Leslie at (408) 299-5338.

If you currently are a Williamson Act property owner and did not receive this questionnaire please call the Assessor’s Office to request a form already partially completed by the Assessor’s Office with information specific to your property.  This will expedite processing of the form upon completion.


For More Information Please Contact:

Real Property Division
County Government Center
East Wing, 5th Floor
70 West Hedding Street
San Jose, CA 95110
Phone: 408-299-5300
Fax: 408-299-3015

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