Disabled Persons Owner Occupied BOE-63
Seismic Safety Construction Exclusion BOE-64
Parent to Child Exclusion (Prop. 58) BOE-58-AH
Subset Data Order Form
Data File Order Form
Proposition 8 Decline in Value Request - Mobile Home
Proposition 8 Decline in Value Request
Solar Energy System Exclusion BOE-64-SES
Disabled Persons Owner Tax Base Transfer (Prop. 110) BOE-62
Certificate of Disability BOE-62-A
Transfer Assessed Value from Contaminated Property (Prop. 1) BOE-65-CP
Base Year Value Transfer by Public Entity (Prop. 3) BOE-68
Agricultural Income and Production Questionnaire
Affidavit of Cotenant Residency BOE-58-H
Agreement to Postpone Hearing with Waiver
Homeowner Exemption Termination Form
Property Tax Installment Deferral Application
Disaster or Calamity Relief (Section 170) Electronic Submission Form
Possessory Interest Annual Usage Report BOE 502-P
Possessory Interest Brochure