Preliminary Change of Ownership Report (PCOR) BOE-502A
Grand-Parent to Grand-Child Exclusion (Prop. 193) BOE-58-G
Transfer your Assessed Value (Prop. 60/90) BOE-60-AH
Disabled Persons Non-Owner Occupied BOE-63-A
Disabled Persons Owner Occupied BOE-63
Seismic Safety Construction Exclusion BOE-64
Parent to Child Exclusion (Prop. 58) BOE-58-AH
Subset Data Order Form
Data File Order Form
Proposition 8 Decline in Value Request - Mobile Home
Proposition 8 Decline in Value Request
Solar Energy System Exclusion BOE-64-SES
Disabled Persons Owner Tax Base Transfer (Prop. 110) BOE-62
Certificate of Disability BOE-62-A
Transfer Assessed Value from Contaminated Property (Prop. 1) BOE-65-CP
Base Year Value Transfer by Public Entity (Prop. 3) BOE-68
College Exemption BOE-264-AH
Agricultural Income and Production Questionnaire
Affidavit of Cotenant Residency BOE-58-H
Agreement to Postpone Hearing with Waiver