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Churches, schools, museums, and other organizations are non-profit organization

Property used exclusively for religious, hospital, scientific or charitable purposes may be eligible for property tax exemption. These exemptions are available for churches, schools, museums, and other organizations that provide services to the entire community. If claimed each year with the Assessor's Office, other exemptions can be offered for the following:

  • Aircraft - Aerospace Museum Exemption
  • Aircraft of Historical Significance
  • Cemetery
  • Church
  • College
  • Lessor
  • Free Public Library
  • Free Museum
  • Free Public School
  • Religious
  • Vessels - 4% Assessment
  • Veteran Organization

All qualifications must be met. Call the Exemption Division at 408/ 299-6460 for details.

Welfare Exemptions 

 Welfare Exemption Form  Property Use Report

Welfare exemptions are based upon property use and available to non-profit organizations that are religious, hospital, scientific, or charitable in nature, and:


College Exemption

 College Exemption Form

Real and personal property used exclusively by a college, may qualify for an exemption from property taxation. Properties owned and used exclusively by a nonprofit religious, charitable, scientific, or hospital corporation may also be eligible. Applications are available to view and/or print by clicking. They are also available by calling or writing the Assessor's Office.

Exemption Division

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