Any misfortune or calamity that was not the fault of the property owner or the party responsible for the taxes eligible for property tax relief under Section 170 of the California Revenue and Taxation Code under certain requirements.

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Tax Base Transfer (Proposition 110)

Proposition 110 allows homeowners who are severely and permanently physically disabled to transfer the base year value of their principle residence to a newly purchased or constructed replacement residence.

Williamson Act

Assessment of Living Improvements – Vines & Orchards

Owners of agricultural land can agree to restrict their land to agricultural use in exchange for restricted property tax assessment under the provisions of the California Land Conservation Act of 1965. The California Land Conservation Act, commonly known as the Williamson Act, is a state agricultural land preservation program in which each local jurisdiction can elect to participate. Santa Clara County as well as some local cities currently participate in this program.

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Private businesses on public properties, under certain circumstances, are assessed and subject to property taxation. For assessment purposes, these businesses are referred to as Possessory Interests and occurs when there is possession or the right to possession of real estate and fee title is held by a tax exempt public agency.

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The Assessor's Office after the property is sold to forms required to be completed upon a transfer