Assessor’s Annual Report Released

Data confirms valley’s stable, balanced economy.


County Assessor Larry Stone released today the 2007 Assessor's Annual Report. The report summarizes important assessment information for policy makers, finance directors of public agencies, leaders in the real estate and business community, members of the media and property owners. “Uppermost in people’s mind is the economy. This report documents the third year of relatively constant assessment roll growth, between eight and nine percent. It is the clearest indication that Silicon Valley’s economy has moved past the extreme “roller coaster” highs and lows of the late 90’s and the early part of this decade, and has progressed to a more stable, balanced growth pattern,” said Stone.

The report provides an executive summary in addition to detailed countywide information about Santa Clara County’s assessment roll as of the January 1, 2007, lien (valuation) date. The report compares this year’s assessment roll to prior year assessment information. “The Annual Report, initially published in 1999, has become an increasingly popular and useful tool for property owners and policy makers, and is available on our website at,” said Stone.

The report provides extensive assessment roll data about each of the county’s 15 cities as well as every school district. It also contains data detailing the type of properties and their assessed values separated by city and redevelopment agency. In addition, the report provides a list of major new construction projects and change in ownership transactions of high profile properties.

Finally, the report provides a comparison of Santa Clara County’s roll data to other Bay Area and California counties.

To download a copy of the current, or prior year, Assessor’s Annual Reports, go to To receive a print version by mail, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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