Assessor’s Media Advisory Property Tax Refunds on Gilroy BMR

Assessor Larry Stone to personally deliver property tax refund to Gilroy homeowner


In August, the Assessor’s Office discovered that 216 property owners had been improperly assessed and, as a result, were overpaying their property taxes.

“When I first learned of this, I knew we had an obligation to fix this problem for everyone as quickly as possible. Fortunately, the Board of Supervisors, led by Supervisor Mike Wasserman, were in complete and enthusiastic agreement and approved a full refund to every homeowner, plus interest,” said Assessor Larry Stone.

“All too often the stereotype for government is that it takes forever to get anything done, or when a mistake is discovered the bureaucracy fails to respond—or worse, attempts to cover it up and deny it ever existed. Not this time!” said Stone.

“As soon as the problem was discovered, we responded immediately and began the arduous task of securing and validating hundreds of official documents, ultimately processing 2,200 corrections to the assessment roll,” Stone said. The County is now in the process of issuing hundreds of refunds to anxious homeowners.


Autumn Young

  • Deputy Assessor
  • Phone: 408-299-5572

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