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The Assessor's Office after the property is sold to forms required to be completed upon a transfer

There are many laws and regulations, administered by the Assessor's Office, which may benefit your client financially and prepare them for property ownership. For many, this purchase may be their single biggest, and perhaps their first, financial transaction of this type.

By helping prospective property owners better understand special programs designed to minimize their property tax bill as well as preparing them for property ownership, the Assessor's Office and real estate agents can both provide better overall customer service as well as reduce the frustration and stress faced frequently by many new property owners.

Below are links to various parts of the Assessor's website that may be of most interest to you and your clients. In addition, we have developed a list of FAQ that may also be of interest to them.

Reducing your Assessed Value

Under certain circumstances, California law allows taxpayers the ability to permanently or temporarily reduce their assessed value, and/or transfer their protected Proposition 13 assessed value. Click here to learn more about the major programs.

Buying, Selling Real Estate

From information about what taxpayers can anticipate receiving from the Assessor's Office after the property is sold to forms required to be completed upon a transfer, you can learn more by clicking here.

Supplemental Assessments

Perhaps the greatest source of frustration for new, first time home buyers is the supplemental property tax. Many new property owners complain that they were not advised of the total property tax bill during closing. While the assessment and ensuing property taxes can not be eliminated, the surprise can. To learn more about the assessment process, click here.

Maps and Property Characteristics

Maps and characteristics of properties, such as square footage, can now be ordered through the mail rather than coming into the office.

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