Assessor's Emergency Hotline: 408.918.7999                       AlertSCC - Sign up Today for Emergency Alerts

Division Management Contact Information:

Division Name Title Phone (408) Area Code
Administration Greg Monteverde Assistant Assessor 299-5301
Administration Cheryl Soriano FASM 299-5566
Real Property John Recchio Chief 299-5379
Business Division John Sleeman Chief 299-5415
Business Division Jae Choe Asst. Chief 299-5439
IS Anil Siddam Principal 299-6592
SSE Nora Galvez Chief 299-5521


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  • Relevant information as it relates to the specific emergency, with periodic updates
  • Emergency contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, etc.)

If you are involved in an emergency that may require you to evacuate your area, closely monitor local news for evacuation plans or other instructions that may be announced. 

If local officials announce an evacuation, please contact your supervisor or manager to report your status.  If your supervisor or manager is not available, call the Assessor’s Emergency Hotline as soon as it is safe and practical to do so.

As a reminder, the Employee Assistance Program is available for all county employees and their immediate family members by calling (408) 241-7772 between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  This no-cost counseling service could help address stress and other issues you and your family may face.  Santa Clara County Employee Assistance Program


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