Annual Notification of Assessed Value

What can I do if I think my assessment is too high?

The Assessor has a simple, one page Proposition 8 Assessment Review Request Form (see below) which is available on-line, or by calling or by visiting the County Assessor's Office. Once completed the form may be submitted on-line (preferably) by e-mail, fax, mail or at our front counter. .

Providing any supporting data (appraisals, comparables, multiple listings, etc.), that is as of January 1, will be especially helpful in expediting your reduction if it is warranted

Can I call the office and request a reduction instead of filling out the form?

Yes, but as there are over 470,000 parcels in Santa Clara County we request that, if it is at all possible, that you complete the Prop 8 Assessment Review Request Form on-line.

Should you decide to call us, you may do so at the number below. Please have available your notification card, and if not, your assessors parcel number. In addition, please be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • When was the property purchased?
  • What was the purchase price?
  • What is the value on the card?
  • What is your opinion of value as of January 1st?
  • What data do you have to support your opinion of value?

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